Rumo runs over 40 programs to foster social well-being. We are actively involved in education, culture, sports and health. Details of some of these inspiring initiatives follow:

Christmas Solidarity, Culture, the Environment

Rumo‘s Christmas program begins at the unit level with a campaign to encourage solidary initiatives that reach thousands of people in railway towns, who take part in cultural activities and watch illuminated locomotives. In 2017, over 500 gifts were collected by the Company‘s employees to be distributed to children and the elderly. Four illuminated locomotives featured as cultural attractions in the states of S„o Paulo, ParanŠ and Rio Grande do Sul.

fonte:Zig Koch

CA traditional Mallet 204 steam locomotive from the collection of the Brazilian Railway Preservation Association (local acronym ABPF) was a Christmas attraction providing rides covering over 700 kilometers of rail track in the Curitiba metro region and the municipalities of ParanaguŠ and Lapa in the state of ParanŠ. Environmental preservation was another Christmas initiative in December. An internal scavenger hunt mobilized 11 teams of railway workers who collected 26,000 recyclable items. Rumo helped students from a school (Durival Britto e Silva) in Curitiba, state of ParanŠ, to produce creative ornaments and decorate their units, thus making this time of year even more special.

Volunteer program

In 2017 Rumo organized a volunteer program called O Trem do Bem (the "trans for the good ") with groups working on several fronts. Our teams are continuously developing campaigns to collect clothes, personal care products, food and toys, as well as Pink October and Blue November related initiatives.

Each group separately plans activities for children, the elderly and homeless. Volunteers also look after abandoned animals. In partnership with civil society organizations, they hold adoption fairs and collect food for dogs, cats and large animals kept in shelters.

Anti-Zika campaign

At the beginning of each year (summer time here), Rumo runs clean-up campaigns to help prevent the spread of the Aedes aepypti mosquito that transmits diseases such as dengue, zika and chikungunya. Hundreds of Rumo employees and residents from neighborhoods near railways pick up litter or objects holding water - such as bottles, pots, plastic bags - from railway areas and public spaces. The work done by these teams help to prevent insect proliferation.

Preventive campaigns are combined with voluntary work. Along with these initiatives, Company wagons spray tracks in urban areas with insecticides approved by environmental and sanitary authorities. Cleaning also helps reduce the risk of attacks by insect such as scorpions.

Citizenship gardens

A 1,000 square meter community garden was laid out in 2017 as a pilot project for the citizenship garden program in Curitiba. More than 20 different vegetables have been grown by the community with support from the Company and city hall.

The produce is partly eaten by 30 families and they donate some to social institutions and hold green fairs selling low-price items such as lettuce, cabbage, carrot, beetroot and cabbage. The success of the experiment has prompted more citizenship gardens in Curitiba and other railway municipalities.

Clean-up Patrol

Citizenship in its broadest sense is one of the concerns addressed by Rumo‘s social programs. The Clean-up Patrol was developed in partnership with the city administration of Piraquara and the state of ParanŠ prisons department to help semi-open unit prisoners reduce penalties by working to preserve railway right of way and public thoroughfares.

Teams do chores such as weeding, mowing and collecting litter. In addition to the benefit of shorter sentences, the initiative offers occupational training and fosters social reintegration. Prisoners taking part in the program supplement their family income with a monthly minimum wage.


Rumo supports educational projects such as the Connected program, developed in partnership with Durival Britto e Silva municipal school near our headquarters in Curitiba. The children are studying robotics and winning awards in Brazil and internationally, showing how social mobilization with support from private enterprise helps ensure quality public education.

The teens have already made robots capable of helping combat dengue and even guide a disabled person. In addition to encouraging them, Rumo holds English courses and sports activities for students. In 2017, they became robotics instructors, sharing their knowledge with children and the elderly.